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    Integrated Medical Solutions We provide highly reliable, innovative integrated medical solutions for the acceleration and enhancement of diagnosis. View our Services Get in touch with us Sports equipment and recycled rubber flooring for sports facilities We provide sports equipment for the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide. View our Services Get in touch with us Consultancy and solution provider for logistics, warehousing and supply chain 3 PL We provide consultancy and solution provider for logistics, warehousing and supply chain 3 PL. View our Services Get in touch with us

    Jericho Trading & Contracting “JTC” was established in April 2011, specializing in the field of Sports Equipment, Re-Hab Equipment, Integrated Medical Solutions and logistics, warehousing and supply chain 3 PL consultancy.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of professional care and service to full-fill their needs.

    Jericho Trading & Contracting Company ‘W.L.L’

    Building 1, 1st Floor, Office 1, Qatar Decor round about, Salwa Road, P.O. Box 18822, Doha, Qatar

    00974 5556 7469

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    25 Years of Experience

    We have been providing services to our esteemed customers for more than 25 years. Client's satisfaction is in our DNA.

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    Timely Project Delivery is Critical. The timeframes on our projects – both projected and real – seem to almost define us as project managers.

    Dedicated Consulting

    Our consultancy services will help you understand and implement strategies from a vast array of marketing options.

    Building Relations

    Our clients are the most important to us. We always try to give the best possible services to our esteemed clients.

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